President Goodluck Jonathan. Party Animal.

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Apart from being slow and rather ineffective, it has come to light that our President is a great lover of music. When I say music, I mean that produced by the likes of Jay-Z and Beyonce.

If this story stopped here, it would have been acceptable and maybe even endearing. Unfortunately, there is more to this phenomenal love of music.

It has been confirmed that Goodluck Jonathan loves music so much, that he even loves it more than doing his job. The man loved music much much more than helping the poor, starving and helpless people he was elected to govern during his tenure as Bayelsa state governor. How do we know this? Well, thanks to the genius that is Sahara Reporters, we now know that in 2006 our beloved President (who was then the governor of Bayelsa State) allocated N150 million out of the state’s poverty alleviation fund to sponsor a ThisDay concert which featured Jay-Z and Beyonce as its star performers. Interesting.

Bayelsa State, though an oil producing state, is one of the poorest states in Nigeria. Yet instead of using money from a fund set up to alleviate the suffering of the people he was meant to govern, to actually alleviate their suffering, Goodluck Jonathan thought it more prudent to use this money to bring super rich international performers to Nigeria. This is a show that the poor, hungry and helpless people of Bayelsa would not be able to attend.

Fellow Nigerians, forget about seeing an end to lack of power supply or the menace that is Boko Haram. Goodluck Jonathan’s antecedent shows that he is not a man that bothers with mundane issues which concern the average Nigerian. If we want Goodluck Jonathan to do his job effectively, we would need to take a leaf from Nduka Obaigbena and learn to re-package our needs. You want to build new roads and hospitals, get Lil’ Wayne and Tyrese as joint project coordinators. You want to fix the electricity crisis, organise a concert headlining Taylor Swift, One Direction and Rihanna. You want to eradicate Boko Haram, host a dinner in honour of Snoop Dogg, DMX and 50 Cent. No indigenous artistes please.

Goodluck Jonathan would sooner spend the national budget on throwing lavish events, such as a N500 million thanksgiving party or on an annual feeding budget of N1.3 billion or the building of a N4 billion mission house for his wife, the newly resurrected Dame Patience Jonathan.

Don’t ask “What about the poor?”, ask instead “Where the party at?”

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