73 Year Old White Cap Chief Murdered

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Last Thursday, as I was driving away from the Lagos Island NYSC office where I have been pressed ganged posted to complete my youth service assigment, at least 15 police pick up trucks raced past me in traffic with no less than 3 of those trucks full of “hardened criminals” suspected of killing the Onimole of Lagos, Oloye Kayode Adeshina.

Chief Adeshina was 73 and had just a few weeks ago prayed for the youth corpers serving in Lagos Island as we participated in the monthly sanitation exercises. There are conflicting reports on how many gunmen were involved, and I couldn’t help but be sickened reading the details of how Chief Adeshina was brutalized & murdered in cold blood.  The sicko who planned this murder is probably not among the 74 suspects arrested and probably tortured this weekend.

I applaud the police for moving swiftly, but I do wish they were more judicious in their rounding up of criminals and I hope they act this fast no matter who the murder victim is, Oloye or not.

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