2 Of the 4 Candidates To Succeed Benedict XVI Are Black But The Next Pope Won’t Be

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Pope Benedict XVI has resigned, saying that at his age he cannot carry out all his tasks adequately and is losing strength in body and mind. His brother Georg suggested he was finding it difficult to walk and he was advised to stop making transatlantic journeys.


The pope will step down on 28 February. A papal conclave will follow to elect his successor, who will be in place by the end of March, and perhaps in time for holy week on 24 March.

If you’re wondering who will succeed His Holiness, then the possible candidates include Ghana’s Cardinal Peter Turkson, Nigeria’s Cardinal Francis Arinze, Canada’s Cardinal Marc Ouellet, and Italy’s Angelo Scola.

50% chance it’ll go to an African. 100% chance it won’t.

Pope Benedict (we can still call him that for now right?) is ‘scheduled’ to join the list of popes who have resigned. A very short list consisting of about 7 people  including Popes Pontian, Marcellinus, Silverus, John XVIII, Benedict IX (might be a name thing), Celestine V, and Gregory XII who have resigned their positions. Some for very weird reasons I might add. But hey, who’s to judge? If you were that old and you had to tweet in about 100 different languages, you’d probably want to resign too.

After all this, I have just one question to ask;

Does he get to keep his verified on twitter badge?