Christopher Dorner V. The Los Angeles Police Department

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I don’t know if anyone is following this story, but I am riveted & keeping my eye out for updates. The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) has a long & fractious history of corruption and mishandling of minorities (Rodney King anyone?)

 I read the manifesto Dorner posted online and let me tell you how shit scared I am. Did you see all those abbreviations? This guy is a walking talking bad ass 2012 version of  Rambo, matter of fact, many on Twitter have taken to calling him “Rambro” & the hashtag #Rambro is trending worldwide.





First of all, you don’t mess with a black man who has army expertise & is just coming off a tour from Godknowswhereistan,where he might have to had a kill a nigga or two. He’s a soldier, that’s what soldiers do. Secondly, have y’all read his manifesto?!!!!!!! Did you see his impressive list of weapons, many of which are assault rifles? Jesus Christ! Dorner fully discloses how he got those weapons, many of which via dubious means.

Hmmmm, the LAPD has a shit storm brewing in a teacup on their hands, & Dorner is about to make it even more shittier. He plans on making several people suffer, shit look at his hitlist. He all but listed all of the police department and promised all kinds of nasty methods of retribution. This nigga said “I know all your plans, backup plans, and backup plans for the backup plans, don’t fuck with me”.

As a black woman who has been subject to my fair share of prejudice, I can’t help for feel for Dorner & the treatment he received through out his course as an LAPD officer. He appeals to the gentler side of me. Because of what happened, his career in the Navy & LAPD are finished, he has been isolated from his friends & family, his mental health status is shot to hell & his death is certain.

The thug in me is all conflicted. I want him to get justice but I don’t want the family members of those who he perceived wronged him to die at his hands & I don’t approve of his tactics.

This is the official unreleased case file []. Read it & tell me you don’t think LAPD shoulders some of the blame.

 However this ends, and badly it will, I sincerely hope the LAPD takes a look at the current path they are on and does something to bring about change ASAP. This isn’t the first time, nor the last time a complaint will be filed about police brutality, officer misconduct, racial profiling about the LAPD, but let this be the first and last time such serious repercussions result as a consequence.

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