YABATECH, Nigeria’s 1st Tertiary Institution, Is Now An Alcohol Free Zone

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I stumbled upon this story while enjoying a nice glass of Baron Romero Cabernet Sauvignon & I chuckled ever so gently.

Yaba College of Technology, popularly known as YABATECH, founded in 1947, has the distinction of being Nigeria’s first tertiary education institution. Their comprehensive and impressive website boasts of a mission statement that aims to produce knowledgeable & innovative students. Then why then can’t these adult students consume & purchase alcohol within the confines of campus?

This policy affect not only students, but ALL employees: lecturers, janitors, assistants, lab techs, secretaries, even the old gateman who likes to brush his teeth at 7am with pako & Seamans. I’d like to see you tell him he can’t offer libations to his ancestors & gargle at the same time.

I understand some of the issues stemming from improper use, misuse & abuse of alcohol, such as increase in cult-like activities, assault and other manners of tomfoolery usually found when alcohol is involved…but how and why are you restricting my adult activities? YABATECH is not Covenant or Redeemer Universities, faith based private institutions run by overzealous religious nuts. It is a public institution that strongly encourages ADULTS only to apply.

I can’t help but feel I must drink for my learned colleagues at YABATECH who are unable to do so. I drink for the stressed lecturer that is underpaid & overworked, the department head that is being threatened with rape by a gang of female cult members unless she gives them all As, and that frustrated English Lit student that cannot spell anomato onomatic onomatopoeia & has a 10 page paper to write on the significance of said word in Shakespeare’s “Othello”. This bottle of Hennessy is for una o!

Alcohol plays a pretty significant role in the young adult’s life: gets them through awkward social situations, loosens inhibitions & for the most part guarantees you a good time…. providing you indulge in moderation. I can’t fault the school for having the students’ best interest at heart…but gatdammn you aint got to take away my liquor!!!

My college days were fraught with many alcoholic adventures, and I can not imagine re-living those halcyon days without alcohol…shit….

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