Weeks After President Jonathan’s Infamous Visit Police College Ikeja Is Still a Hell-hole

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After a truly eye-opening in-depth documentary by Channels TV on the deplorable conditions of the Lagos Police College in Ikeja, President Jonathan Goodluck decided to pay an impromptu visit on Friday on his way out of town.

President Jonathan arrived only to find out that the grounds had been rented out, and parties were rocking on the front lawn.

Now almost a month and some change since Presido paid his surprise visit, nothing has changed. What I want to know is why the Minister of Police Affairs, Retd. Navy Captain Caleb Olubade, & the Police Inspector General, Mr. Mohammed Abubakar are still collecting a salary? Why have they not been held truly accountable? Answering some senate questions for half a day & giving “briefings” don’t amount to squat.

Matter of fact, what the fuck is & what in sweet fuck does the nation’s Ministry of Police do? According to their charter, their vision is “to provide the Nigerian Nation a well-trained, disciplined, dedicated, effective, higly motivated and efficient Police Force, that is the best in Africa nd comparable to any Police Force in the developed world.”

Shit, pass me that skunk. Whatever the Ministry of Police Affairs employees are smoking must be some top-notch high-grade oohwee…gotta be…how else do you come up with some fuckshit vision statement like that? Abeg commot for road. Y’all have seen the clip on youtube, how many dedicated, effective highly motivated police officers do YOU think are coming out of that academy?

I find it funny that the Minister of Police Affairs had the balls to submit a N341.6bn 2013 budget late November last year with an emphasis on the fight against Boko Haram & fighting terrorism. So we’re gonna spend all this money on some sophisticated high-tech junk that can spot my black ass 978 kilometres away but we’re not gonna produce capable men. & women to able to work said technology?

I weep in Efik.

President Jonathan has missed a huge opportunity to right a grievous wrong & to tuck, possibly, a ginormous feather in his hat when he’s running for re-election. He should have stood firm, raked Abubakar & Olubade over hot coals & lit some fires under some asses and DEMANDED action! No one is talking about this anymore, & people wonder Nigerians don’t rely on the lying cheating corrupt no good motherfuckers highly effective, dedicated & incomparable  men & women of our police nation.

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