UNIBEN Professor may OR may not have found the cure for AIDS

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Photo credit: PMNews Nigeria

Photo credit: PMNews Nigeria

Professor Isaiah Ibeh , Dean of The School of Basic Medical Science has announced with much fanfare vigor that…he may have found a drug that could POSSIBLY cure HIV & AIDS…

Hold on lemme get my popcorn & soda because this is gonna be good.

This alleged wonder drug is made from plant extraction and is called “Deconcotion X (DX)–Liquid or Bioclean 11 for the cure of HIV and AIDS”. Deconcontion…hmmm…sounds like a soup from Akwa Ibom

Ibeh claims that this superdrug has undergone a series of medical examination in the U.S. & in Nigeria, has proof of total restoration of damaged tissues in HIV + patients… Sir, SHOW ME THE RECEIPTS!

So while Prof Ibeh is out buying schnapps & jubilating that Deconcotion is about to be on the market, his boss Provost, College of Medical Sciences of the University, Prof.Vincent Iyawe, is upset because Ibeh’s getting all the shine & not the university, claiming they “were not carried along in the research“. Iyawe claims he wanted UNIBEN to claim credit for the breakthrough and so now they’re [UNIBEN researchers] gonna step in & run research trials, involve NAFDAC & FMH, and some other random shit so that researchers do.

So if Ibeh’s drug turned out to really be the cure for HIV/AIDS, imagine the kind of lawsuit UNIBEN would slap against him for their portion? Oga Ibeh, abeg give them their own share of that national cake & carry them go when una dey research o!

UPDATE: Ibeh recants & NAFDAC warns against buying Deconcoction…didn’t I tell y’all I wanted to see receipts?!!

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