Take Your Crap Back: FG Orders The Return of Toxic Waste

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Toxic Waste

The Return of Toxic Waste. Has a Hollywood ring to it, no? Let’s try a nonsense analogy here. You ever been in a position where you were stranded in the middle of nowhere but suddenly became pressed and then you drove around, found a public place to dump in only to be turned back because the public place can’t take your…crap?

No? Me neither.

Spare a thought for the MV Marivia Monrovia then. NOT! That ship brought a bunch of toxic waste to Nigeria from the United Kingdom in the hopes of offloading them in our territory.

As revenge, I should fill up on ewa agoyin and fly to London to inflict a genocide. *edits bucket-list*

Anyway, the vessel was inspected and arrested on Wednesday after two containers aboard were discovered to be loaded with toxic waste. The Federal Government has vowed that it would send the vessel back from whence it came. The Director-General of the National Environmental Standard and Regulatory Agency, NESRA, Dr. Ngeri Benebo, said sending the consignment back to the port it came from was in conformity with the provisions of Harmful Wastes Act.

Ewa Agoyin should be in the provisions of that act though. Same for Shawarma, boiled eggs and everything on sale at White House, Yaba.

Benebo also promised us that the vessel’s owners would be punished in accordance with the laws of the land. I wonder if the law stipulates a can of air-freshener per visit to White House. For real though, it’s messed up that we’re still a dumping ground for toxic waste from all over the world. We got more than enough third world problems!

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