Power! Enter! Federal Government aims to generate 10,000mw of Electricity by December

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Mrs. Zainab Kuchi, the Minister of State (power) informs us that Nigeria generated 6,443 mw of power in 2012. Not that the residents of Ajiwun Street, Bariga noticed. She added that power transmission peaked 4517.6 mw on the 23rd of December 2012.

Ajiwun residents must not hear this. It just might confirm their worst fears: that evil spirits we’re at work for the blackout they experienced for most of the festive period.

Mrs. Zainab Kuchi, whose surname should never be mis-spelt, (ever! Put a ‘c’ instead of ‘k’ and some double ‘o’s and we’re facing the recipe for journalistic mayhem) added that le Federal Government will continue in its pursuit of generating 10,000mw by December 2013. This uber-awesome (pipe) dream would be achieved by implementing various strategies including generating funds through private sector participation. At this rate, she might as well be referring to a masquerade program to be unveiled later this year called “One House, one Tiger Generator”.

She added that there were plans to incorporate renewable energy and increased rural electrification into the energy mix. Rural electrification sounds more like a “One Urban dweller, one Taser” plan to me. Let me go deliver the good news to the good people of Ajiwun Street…

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