Katsina State Is Officially A Soap Opera: First Lady of Katsina State Sacks Local Government Councillor

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Her Excellency, Hajia Dr. Fatima Ibrahim Shehu Shema, is alleged to have loudly, proudly & ever so wrongly terminated the lone female Supervising Councillor for Water and Sanitation in Matazu Local Government Area, Hajia Hadiza Ibrahim. What was the “official” reason? According to the officialtermination letter dated December 27th 2012, Hajia Ibrahim displayed “…unkindly like misconduct and behaviour.”

Hmmm…so if this is the”official” reason, pray tell what is the unofficial reason? It is alleged that Hajia Ibrahim got into a physical & verbal altercation with the wife of the LGA Chairman, Hajia Bilikisu Sani Haliru a few weeks ago during an official meeting, at which the First Lady was present. The cause of the altercation is rumoured to be caused by Hajia Haliru being upset at Hajia Ibrahim for “sidelining her in compiling the list of those to benefit from the government poverty alleviation programme.” The fight was so vicious that Hajia Ibrahim had to seek medical treatment at a nearby medical facility.

Apparently Hajia Haliru & the Katsina State First Lady are related. So is this a case of mess with my family & I fuck you up? Or is someone out to get the governor’s wife?

Her Excellency’s Press Secretary, Mallam Abdulazeez confirmed that the termination letter “emanated” from Her Excellency’s office. Emanated is right, because I’m calling bullshit on this. This stinks like rancid tozo, because the same Mallam Abdulazeez that confirmed the authenticity of the sack letter, put out another press release, this time stating that Her Excellency “is not on the staff of Matazu LGA, does not get involved in local or state administration and never ordered the sack of any councillor… The staff of Matazu LGA who signed the letter is on his own…”

Gatdamn! Somebody at the Matazu LGA (Bala Lawal Yaro to be precise) just got thrown under the bus, sold up the river, and got left with the bill for dinner. I pity that fool…because if its true that the First Lady of Katsina did NOT terminate Hajia Ibrahim, heads will roll. This is a woman who imported over 1,000 Algerian goats for widows and divorcees in rural areas so they could provide for themselves. ALGERIAN GOATS y’all! She can do no wrong! And let’s not forget her work with young stroke survivors and sickle cell patients.

 Apparently the termination letter (reference number MTGL/ADM/36/VOL.1) directed Councillor Ibrahim to turn over all the files in her possession to her director, and also informed her that a letter (with reference number GH/KTS/GWO/41/C) had been sent to the local government, FROM THE GOVERNOR’S WIFE, detailing the altercation between her and the chairman’s wife.

Who spiked the zobo?! I’m confused as all fucks. Is this how Katsina rolls? This sounds like some high school cafeteria drama and yet these are civil servants. Yeah… Ok… But wait though, her Excellency has a doctorate of some sorts. Shouldn’t she know better? What’s that you say? So does Goodluck Jonathan? Hmmm, I see your point.

So now the Katsina State Ministry Of Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs is investigating the matter and I hope they publish their findings because I’d love to know who really is responsible for this foolishness. I’d like for them to have a seat, a coke, a smile & to shut the hell up.

 To make matters more interesting, Mallam Abdulazeez, Her Excellency’s Press Secretary, when contacted said “I’m on my way back to Katsina. If I arrive we will discuss over the matter to see what is happening.” What do you mean IF you arrive? Somebody wrap me in cotton and bury me in a sarcophagus, cuz this is just unreal. I wish I worked at a place where the CEO’s wife would fire my black ass just because her cousin and I had a disagreement, albeit a physical one; and then that same wife would go and tell Human Resources that her bitch of a cousin and I were throwing elbows in the parking lot. Bitch please… I’d sue Katsina State for all she’s worth, which probably isn’t much, and please believe that I would win. Free Algerian goats and henna tattoos for everyone!!

Only in Nigeria can dumb shit like this be done, be considered business as usual and ignored. I really do hope somebody gets to the bottom of this.

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