Obasanjo Wants Jonathan to Feed Boko Haram Carrots Then Beat Them With Sticks

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From Ghana News Agency

Former President of Nigeria and aspiring GQ model Olusegun Obasanjo has thrown in his two cents as regards stemming the wave of Boko Haram’s mayhem. Speaking to CNN on Tuesday, he asserted that more could be done to stem the tide of Boko Haram killings.

He said: “To deal with a group like that, you need a carrot and a stick. The carrot is finding out how to reach out to them. When you try to reach out to them and they are not amenable to being reached out to, you have to use the stick.

The George Clooney look-alike said President Goodluck Jonathan was “just using the stick in his efforts. He’s doing one aspect of it well, but the other aspect must not be forgotten.” Sure, they’re just a bunch of rabbits up North aren’t they?

Obasanjo, aka Pretty McHandsome, also feels that they are getting more powerful. He says that“if they had 25 per cent support a year and a half ago, today that support has doubled.” 

The Boko Haram sect recently killed the 17 year old daughter of a slain policewoman in Maiduguri amongst a slew of devastating attacks that have rocked Northern Nigeria.

God help us, people. God help us.


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