Royal Foetus Tweets, The World Rejoices!

Posted on December 7, 2012 by


Earlier this week, all of England & Wales and indeed the entire world, was agog with the news of the expected royal. Yes, Kate Middleton is pregnant with the 3rd in line to the throne – leaving Prince Harry, our favourite of the batch, to continue being as footloose & fancy free as he wants. #Winning!

Computer generated pictures of what the royal toddler would look like surfaced online and people took to twitter to congratulate the parents to be; elevating this unborn child to heights of fame that many of us will never know, in life or in death. The unborn foetus has even been accorded the ultimate acknowledgement of stardom that our awesomely tech-savvy generation can give – parody twitter accounts. Thanks to Huffpost, we know that there are five of these accounts – @HRHbaby, @RoyalFoetus, @Royal_Fetus, @UnbornRoyal and @IamRoyalBaby. Of these five, @RoyalFoetus stole my heart with its introductory tweet of “Hello World: All Shall Kneel Before Me.” If that isn’t royal parody at its best, I don’t know what is.

We join the world in welcoming this new life that is yet to be born to a life of luxury, ludicrous hand waves, crazy uncles and minimal responsibility. Below are the top 5 tweets from the #royalbaby.