Million Dollar Deal Ferrying 80,000 Illegal Weapons to the Nigerian Police Exposed by UK Tax Authorities. No Comment from Nigerian Government

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It is without doubt that Gary Hyde is sitting in his prison cell at this very moment regretting his decision to attempt evading the payment of UK tax on his income. He was in charge of a $1.3m (£808,000) shipment of 80,000 assorted weapons from China to Nigeria in 2007. These weapons included assault rifles, 9mm pistols, AK47’s and bullets. In order to avoid paying UK tax on the £280,000 profit he would be making on the deal, Hyde decided not to obtain a license from the UK government department of Business, Innovation and Skills and hid his cut on the deal in an offshore bank account in Liechtenstein. Hyde has been found guilty of his offence and this week was sentenced to seven (7) years in prison.

Information as to the recipient of these arms or the use to which they would be put is barely existent. Only the Telegraph UK attempts to suggest that the weapons were bought on behalf of the Nigerian Police force. No official statement from the Nigerian Police Force, or the Nigerian government, concerning this case or the Telegraph’s allegation has been issued. We don’t expect that any will. They expect you to know that they will place the blame squarely at the feet of the forces of darkness and unsuspecting youths.

For more on this, see this and this from the Guardian UK.


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