New Richest Black Woman in the World is Nigerian. Eat that Oprah!

Posted on December 6, 2012 by


From: Vanguard Nigeria

As you may already know, Nigerian business woman Folorunsho Alakija, was recently been announced as the richest black woman in the world by Ventures Africa – relegating Oprah Winfrey to second place, for now anyway.  Here’s a brief profile of ‘New Richest Black Woman In The World, Richer Than Oprah’ or Mrs Alakija as most people annoyingly prefer to call her. She was born into a wealthy family, became a secretary, decided to start sewing for her wealthy friends and family, married a well-heeled man and along the way was allocated an oil prospecting license (OPL) by the government. The Nigerian government often gives out such licenses to people with no experience in the market, like former hairdressers to the First Lady, so don’t be alarmed. It’s like party favours for the rich and well connected. Average everyday stuff. No big deal at all.

Along the way, the Nigerian government tried to take back her licence when they saw how profitable it was, but Mrs Alakija fought back. After years of battling the government in court, she won the case. The money from owning all that oil and selling all that oil bumped her into 1st place, dethroning talk show queen, Oprah and giving Nigerians the world over something new to talk about.

While the Daily Mail gives insights into how Mrs Alakija spends her money (think private jets and lavish unaffordable London apartments), Huffpost, did a little more digging into her life and stumbled on a well kept Nigerian secret. Here it is, fashion to the “mature” [read: older] Nigerian woman is alarmingly different from what it is to rest of the world. After going through some of the pictures they provided, I couldn’t agree more. Money and fashion don’t always deliver style.

Lets say congratulations Mrs Alakija! May this oil money continue to make you plenty more money.