Minister for Youth and Sports, Bolaji Abdullahi Thinks You’re The Problem With Nigeria

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From: Ynaija

Bolaji Abdullahi, a man employed to represent Nigerian youths and to champion their cause has finally succeeded in identifying one of Nigeria’s biggest problems. This is an amazing breakthrough that will hopefully improve the lives of millions of Nigeria’s frustrated, unemployed youth. Only it won’t, because Bolaji Abdullahi thinks you are the problem with Nigeria. Yes, you.

Speaking at the 18th Nigerian Economic Summit in Abuja, Abdullahi, described the wonderful moment when he went from seeing Nigeria’s young people as an untapped resource waiting to be harnessed to seeing them as the menace that we actually are. Here’s  the Minister explaining why the Nigeria’s young people have become a major source of the nation’s problems especially because of their poor education. Nigeria’s problem is not corruption, or a lack of adequate infrastructure, or poverty, or unemployment and it is certainly not Boko Haram or terrorism. Nigeria’s problem is you and I. Let that sink in for a moment. According to the Minister “…for the Nigerian youth to be relevant, they have to be educated, have the ability and understanding of issues, and be part of the political mainstream for them to have an impact in the nation’s drive for a new society...”

If Mr Abdullahi had taken the time to think before he spoke, he would have realised that such a statement in itself is contradictory and well, rather silly. If the youth are the problem with Nigeria, and the youth are the problem because of their inadequate education, then isn’t it far more sensible to say the problem with Nigeria is its poor educational system? The real problem is  the lack of good, quality education and the people to blame are those who have been trusted with the responsibility of providing this good, quality education but have failed to do so. The Nigerian Government, the system that Mr Abdullahi is part of and where he should be effecting changes in the status quo, is the root of Nigeria’s problems. Ultimately, it is safe to say that Bolaji Abdullahi is a major source of Nigeria’s problems.

His statement is not surprising because Nigerian politicians can be trusted to not make any sense and therefore to say things that are not sensible. This is why evil spirits are being accused of sabotaging the power sector. Just because it makes sense to a Nigerian politician does not make it sensible. A man who does not know what he has been employed to do will naturally be unable to do it. Bolaji Abdullahi, your job is to solve the problems of Nigerian youths, not to label them as the problem. Stop failing us. Get to grips with your job description and serve the Nigerian youths.

See the video clip of Mr Abdullahi demonstrating his superior education and read more about his perfectly reasonable comments here.

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