Lets Talk About Sex Baby! Education as a Vaccine (EVA) Wants To Get Young Nigerians Talking Sex

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EVAEVA -Education as a Vaccine, a non-governmental organisation focused on bringing sex education to the teenage Nigerian wants to get Nigerians talking about sex and sexual health. The average Nigerian parent does not get involved in the process of sex education; children are usually left to discover this on their own. I know I was, and this is where EVA seeks to make a difference.

The NGO runs a 24 hour telephone and email hotline, run by young people to provide advice, education and support for the teenager who needs to talk about sex but has no one to talk to. People can text, email or call EVA with their questions and get immediate replies. EVA also recommends clinics to people in need and has a walk in centre in Northern Nigeria. Laudable work.

Let’s support initiatives like this, so that the Nigeria we build for the future can be healthy and happy, sexually. To learn more, go here and read their promotional article in the Guardian UK.


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