Nigeria is Under Spiritual Attack from the Forces of Darkness

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From: Tribune Nigeria

The forces of darkness are at it again. This time they are attacking three important aspects of Nigerian society.

First, sports. According to former African champion and national javelin record holder, Pius Bazigbe, evil and wicked spiritual forces are behind Nigeria’s recent abysmal performance in international sports. Attempting to summarize his views will only do you, dear reader, grave injustice. Here are his comments in full:

“Otherwise, how can we explain the rot? We are here for the National Sports Festival, but where is the glamour, where is the competition that was there during our time? All these things are happening because dark spiritual forces are at work. Right from the Federal to the State level things are not working. This is because the right people are not put in sports management. How can you appoint someone who read Agriculture as sports commissioner? But even if the right persons get there it seems spiritual forces turn their good intentions into evil. How do we rate some of our directors who have PhD in sports management yet our sports is comatose? We really have to do some deliverance if we have to revive our sports.”

Evil spirits are also apparently the reason you have no electricity. The Minister of State for Power, Hajia Zainab Kuchi was recently reported to have attributed the problems in the Nigerian power sector to ‘evil spirits’ and further urged potential investors in the power sector to “…resolve to jointly exorcise the evil spirits behind this darkness…” This has to be a joke; even though it was clearly made at the wrong place, to the wrong people, at the wrong time.

The third and final of these are the road traffic accidents near the Lagos State Government Secretariat, Alausa, Ikeja. It’s reported that the three statues of the Lagos traditional white cap chiefs close to the Secretariat, also known as Agba Meta, are causing road accidents around this particular area. It has now become known as Nigeria’s Bermuda Triangle where an average of “ten innocent souls perish every month.” I’ll refrain from commenting on this, as we all know that the forces of darkness are not bound by geography, time or space.

Clearly there’s nothing the devil and the forces of darkness cannot be blamed for. If only they could speak…

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