Lagos State’s Standardized Driving Tests Will Help You Live Longer

Posted on December 5, 2012 by


lagos trafficFor years, the process of obtaining a driver’s licence in Nigeria has been one of the easiest and uncomplicated things to do. As long as you have the money, it can be purchased; no test necessary. In fact, with the current fuel crisis, it’s probably easier, cheaper and less time consuming to obtain a driver’s licence than it is to fuel your car. This explains the lack of good drivers on our roads, senseless accidents and the frequent, seemingly unexplainable gridlock caused by selfish and impatient drivers. It’s no surprise our life expectancy is 52 years.

Lagos State is fortunately working on making this a thing of the past (not your life expectancy, you’re out of luck there. Move to Monaco). Lagos State Commissioner for Transportation Kayode Opeifa, told a meeting of the Nigeria Driving School Proprietors Association (there’s an association for everything these days), that Lagos State intends to begin standardising all driving schools in the State and their curriculum. Before licences are granted, drivers will now be taught the basics of good driving and road safety, which will hopefully improve the quality of drivers, reduce road accidents and improve road safety. Together with the new road traffic law, driving in Lagos is hopefully about to become a saner experience.

Well done Lagos! Eko o ni baje o! Of course, you can do what most of us do – just skip the test and buy a driver’s licence like a patriotic Nigerian.

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