Theological Question of the Day: ‘Is Using Body Spray a Sin?’

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Is there any sin in there?

Is there any sin in there?

In these days of pastorpreneurs, private jets and questionably greasy episcopal coiffures (jerry curls went out in the 80s guys, being called by the Lord doth not excuse egregiously bad taste) it is easy to lose sight of real and important issues of Christian dogma and teaching, such as whether using body spray or perfume is a sin.

Stop sniggering. This is an important theological question. I can imagine you would be quite upset upon your death (likely at the ripe old age of 52) to discover that you have been damned to hell, not by your many more exotic sins, but by your liberal use of Old Spice, Sure, and Axe Body spray (the latter of which DOES NOT, it must be emphasised, work as advertised). Going to hell would bad enough but going to hell because you used deodorant? That would be downright embarrassing. Fortunately, nairaland poster Dibangoking has sought to settle this vexing issue of Christian theology for us all in this helpful Nairaland thread. Go read it now!!! If you’re too addicted to your sinful body spray and perfume then take heart, commenter evilbrain gives all deodorant users some hope of salvation :

“Wearing perfume is only a sin if it’s the overpowering, obnoxious type that makes it difficult for other people to breathe. On the other hand deodorant is encouraged. In fact, it is a mortal sin to go out without wearing either roll-on, or spray deodorant. The Lord does not want to smell your funky armpits. And neither does anybody else.”

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