The Nigerian Police speaks loudly and carries a small stick in its bid to obliterate Boko Haram

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A few days ago, the Minister of Police Affairs appeared before the House of Representatives Committee on Police Affairs, Abuja to defend the Nigerian Police Force (NPF) N341.6bn budget proposal for 2013. The only thing considered as reportable news in his entire presentation was that the NPF intends to spend N2.8bn from the budget amount on (a) logistics, (b) intelligence gathering and (c) purchase of anti-terror equipment. Briefly put, the NPF intends to spend that allocation to take Boko Haram the f*#k out – as well as gather intelligence and erm, stuff.

Nigerian Mobile Police with Vehicle

Nigerian Mobile Police with Vehicle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Minister was quoted in The Punch saying “they need more funding to enable them to purchase sophisticated and latest equipment to protect life and property of Nigerians and their offices and formations. Terrorism can not be tackled with archaic method of crime fighting.” [sic] This will put all NPF attached native doctors out of work and could bring an end to the use of ancient rifles, tear gas, tires, cutlasses and broken bottles in fighting crime. Shame.

The allocation would also cover the introduction of satellite surveillance on the country’s borders to curb smuggling and circulation of small arms and equipping 10 states with Explosive Ordinance Disposal Units. We don’t know what these are. No one knows what these are.

What is mind-boggling in all this is how tiny this seemingly large and newsworthy sum of N2.8bn is when considered as a percentage of the entire budget sum. Think about it; N2.8bn of N341.6bn is a measly 0.8% of the entire budget! This year, the UK Metropolitan Police spent 4.6% of its entire expenditure on intelligence alone, and we are congratulating ourselves for allocating 0.8% of our budget on logistics, intelligence and buying anti-terror equipment. Lets not forget that it also includes the cost of satellite surveillance and those Explosive Units we know nothing about. These people are not really serious about fighting terrorism. They would sooner fight sexual orientation and indecent dressing. Oops! I forgot, we already did that.

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