Congratulations Festus Odimegwu! You’re our ‘ignorant government official’ of the day!

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After reading a recent Thisday article, I must state that the Chairman of the National Population Commission (NPC), Mr Festus Odimegwu is, to put it frankly, a bit ignorant. Only a grossly ignorant employee,  will utter a statement that is completely antipodal to the fundamentals of his/her employer.

In Mr Odimegwu’s case, he has decided to re-write Chapter III of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria without recourse to the National Assembly, further to Section 9 of the same document. This means, he chose not to inform his bosses of his audacious ideas and revolutionary concepts before publicly announcing them. He declared, quite boldly I must add, at a conference on Population and National Development that any Nigerian not counted during the 2016 census will be stripped of their citizenship.

Dear Mr Odimegwu, PhD holder extraordinaire, a lesson in government and citizenship for you. Only the president can strip a Nigerian citizen of their citizenship, and only in certain circumstances (see Section 30 of the 1999 Constitution) such as (a) imprisonment for a naturalised citizen, (b) a disloyal act or speech towards the nation or (c) treason or betraying the nation in times of war. Unless, you have liaised with the National Assembly to amend the Constitution in order to accommodate your wild ideas, keep those wild ideas in your head. Don’t take a microphone at a public function and announce them. It makes you look stupid.

My own two cents.

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