Pee Power – Lagos teenagers demonstrate sustainable replacement for fuel. We don’t expect Nigerian politicians to spontaneously combust with shame.

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1 litre = 6 hours of electricity

Contrary to the stereotype created by Nigerian politicians, leaders and “internet-based businessmen,” four teenage girls at Doregos School in Lagos (yes, Lagos, Nigeria) seem to have put their ingenuity and world famous Nigerian intelligence to the test by trying to solve the impossible problem known to us all as ‘no light.’ The Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN), rightly termed due its inability to share any of the electricity it actually holds with the average Nigerian, has demonstrated that it is unable and probably unwilling to resolve this problem of power supply. Thus, prompting these teenage girls to think outside the box by looking for a cost-effective way to generate power – urine.

Teenagers in Nigeria create a urine-powered generator

The girls say that this environmentally friendly method, works by breaking down the urine into nitrogen, water and hydrogen and these components work together to generate about six hours of electricity per litre of urine. If this idea is further developed and harnessed, the oil bloc cartel will be a thing of the past and perhaps those richest among us would be the man who drinks several beers every night and the daily coffee drinker who makes several trips to the toilet every morning. The possibilities can only be endless, as we would certainly look to transform other forms of waste into electricity, like Japanese toilet manufacturer, Toto.

Much like our acclaimed “Nigerian intelligence,” we all generate urine, some in larger quantities than others, and we all flush this valuable substance down the drain; pun thoroughly intended. It would be refreshing to see the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology or any well-meaning politician support this innovation with research and development funding. Unfortunately, we know that this will not be the case. They are too busy defending and promoting the interests of the generator importers, crude oil importers and anyone who imports anything into Nigeria – except cassava bread of course. That, of course, has presidential backing.


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